Defined: The act or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

Endurance. We all have it. We have varying degrees of it based on the scenario. But, we all have it. I know there are difficult situations that each one of us face. I face a myriad of my own every day. Shoot. If you want a lesson in what endurance looks like just withhold a freaking cookie from the begging child and you’ll see a powerful display of “not giving way” in their plea bargain.  They have endurance man. Enough for a crowd.

I’m amazed at what I’ve learned through a 25 year stent with an eating disorder. Our endurance can be applied to the positive or the negative. Every day. I look back and I realize it’s as if my ED placed a dog collar around my neck, tied me to a tree or yanked me around with fury. I endured the unpleasant thoughts or situations, often starving, but really only hungry for a sense of control. Only, the sense of control never really came and settled in long enough to make me feel like I was winning the war. It literally felt like the pervasive thoughts and engrained habits would not give way. I had endurance alright. All along. I had just applied it to a rather negative outcome in my life. I endured lies and self defeating thoughts. I endured rules and a seriously long list of “don’t eat this, don’t eat that” which over time narrowed to the point of a pencil. I had to take a long, hard look in the mirror and literally re-direct my drive for endurance. I had to ask myself a difficult question: Did I want to apply my endurance and be beneath a vindictive owner or did I want to apply my endurance and be the BOSS of my life?

I know we all face hard things, challenging things, difficult process’ and situations. But, how are you applying your natural gift for endurance? Are you underneath the weight of your scenario? Or, are you standing tall like a boss trudging through the difficulty deciding what the next best, right move is? You have to do a little tug of war with this thing.

Bottom line: We are powerful. Deep inside our core is a drive so strong and noble. Deep inside our spirit is a waterfall of endurance. It’s literally a source that never dries up. But, the catch to this fine quality is that we are in charge of whether it’s applied to an outcome that is life giving or death provoking. Are you applying your endurance to stomach a vindictive owner in your life or are you taking the reigns and deciding your fate? There are two different paths here.

I’ve been deciding lately to apply my innate sense of endurance to produce a positive outcome in my day to day. I’m facing the difficulty of not controlling how others’ perceive me. I’m facing the difficulty that some days are a little bit painful. I’m facing the difficulty and discomfort that arms held high and fists unclenched require in order to feel true surrender. I’m facing the lies and telling them to hush themselves and take a seat. I’m enduring the gut wrenching process that true freedom requires. I’m facing this with endurance because I care deeply about the next 25 years of my life.  I care deeply that I can control the level of joy I harness versus the size of jeans I wear.

Stir your endurance. Produce a positive outcome that will not give way. Choose your fate. Choose your trajectory. All hope is not lost no mater how deep the pit. Endure the climb to get out of there. You are WORTH the energy exerted. Endure the unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.


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