Let It Dawn On You

The Sunrise. It’s a remarkable occurrence that is faithful to us every single day. Without fail. I am so moved lately by the wonder of the sunrise that I wake up early for it almost every morning.  No matter how tired I am I set my alarm and rocket myself out of bed into the pitch black because I know that my favorite part is coming.

I learned recently that people often confuse the word “dawn” with “sunrise”. A quick scientific lesson for you….. Dawn is the word that marks the beginning of twilight before the sunrise. It’s the appearance of indirect sunlight being scattered into the atmosphere. Sunrise however is the point at which the upper edge of the sun reaches the horizon in the East. That said, these are two different periods in the morning. The dawning period comes and swells dispersing light as the Earth rotates and reaches a point where we’re tilted enough to the axis at which the sun breaks our horizon. These two morning events work in tandem to bring us a new day. Thank you Wikipedia.

Point being: The dawn gently gives way, a welcoming, to the actual sunrise of the day.

Where am I going with this? We have different periods of awakening that show up in our lives. There’s a period of dawn before the sunrise inside of each and every life lesson as there is in each and every day. There’s that period where our minds start to awaken to a thought. And then there’s that period where the thought comes into clear view and has the opportunity to becomes us. It’s a little fascinating to me that somehow, unlike the actual sun, we have a choice. As a human being, we can stay in the dawning period as long as we freakin’ want without the requirement of the sunrise. The Earth is on a system though and like clockwork performs for us by the law of gravitational pull. It has no choice. We have to acknowledge those things that are dawning on us and literally put them on the horizon of our hearts. We, as humans, have to choose that. There’s no law that governs our thoughts and does it for us. There’s a little bit of work to be done on our part in order to live in the full light of who we are. It’s not a passive process.

Let it dawn on you that you are amazing…. Today. Right now. As is.

Let it dawn on you that you are a seriously beautiful human being…. With that jean size. With that hot mess hair. With those battle wounds from life lessons. With those failures. With those regrets. With those unmet goals.

Let it dawn on you…. That you make this world a better place to be. You are a seriously stunning contribution to the people in your life. You entirely matter. You are beyond important.

Let it dawn on you…. that perfectionism just plain sucks. It’s stupid. And nobody has time for that anymore.

Let it dawn on you…. That you are not a direct reflection of your children. You are a mother. A father. A friend. And you are freaking good at it. You have your moments, but on the whole you are a BOSS directing a painfully difficult ship and “failure” fell overboard way, way, way back there somewhere. You are doing an amazing job.

Let it dawn on you…. that your dreams and desires and aspirations for yourself are not a joke. They are there stirring in your chest as an expression of who you are. Take the writing class. Take the pottery class. Cook the meal. Take that job. Do that random thing that brings you a wave of joy. It’s in you on purpose. It’s not an accident that you love what you love.

I could go on and on and on. Seriously. Let it dawn on you that you really are amazing. The entire kit and caboodle. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this. I feel this surge like I want a microphone and a super tall, Mount Everest high ladder and I want to holler into the dawning period affirmation after affirmation over you. The reality is I could do that until I’m blue in the face. You, my dear friend, get to choose when these truths break the axis of your heart and come into clear view. You get to choose when you own it. You get to choose to believe it. You can stay in the dawning period, but get to the sunrise. Your portal to that moment is BELIEVING. Believe in who you are today. As is. Just like this and just like that. You are not a big mistake- you are what this fine world needs.

I believe in us.


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