Birds In Flight

I am from Florida. Cocoa Beach, Florida to be exact. I was born and raised in this hot, humid warmth and though I’ve migrated to the Midwest I will always, always be a Florida girl through and through. I recently moved into a new home here in Minnesota. If you walk into my home it’ll take you approximately three seconds to figure out what one of the greatest loves of my life is: the ocean. I have picture after picture of beach scenes and water displayed in motion. I decided if I’m stuck here in this tundra I’d at least bring the ocean to me. And does it ever wrap its theoretical arms around me every day.

I have a beautiful picture of birds in flight over the ocean shore that hangs in my stairwell. I often stand and just marvel at it. I find it interesting that birds of a feather flock together so I did a little research on this phenomenon. Birds flocked together is called murmuration. Add that to your list of big words. You’re welcome. They do this for many reasons: “Grouping together offers safety in numbers. Predators find it hard to target one bird in the middle of a hypnotizing flock. They also gather together to keep warm at night and exchange information, such as good feeding areas”. (The internet and I are buddies)

And so it is with life, you guys. We simply cannot get through all that we have to get through alone. I recently heard a friend speak publicly on her journey after a divorce. She fell on very hard and trying times and wound up literally homeless in her car for weeks on end. She kept that minor fact a secret from her friends and family not out of pride, but out of genuine humiliation. One day she broke open her truth, told me about her situation and came to live with me until she got her feet underneath her. I scooped her life up into my little arms and held her near, offered her warmth, safety, and wine. Fast forward more than a year and she’s literally standing tall and beautiful in front of a crowd of women sharing her truth and the power of overcoming life’s struggles. She stood heroically and shared how life cannot be managed alone. We have to find the humility to lean into one another and open the door to some of our darker moments. We have to break open our truth and, in turn, ask someone to hold space for us.

We have the power to overcome. I believe that everything we need sits right inside of us. There is no one that knows you better than you. No one. There is no one that will enact the change you need in your life more powerfully than you. You are the only one that can turn the page on your story. However, there are people in your life right now who have been through some serious dark. They have managed to come up, out and over their hurdles. When you let others in they get a chance to hold the light for you or point directly to the power you need to nourish yourself and make your way through to the other side. When we don’t let others in we have the potential to sit lonely and afraid and ultimately open to the predators of your greatness. I’m not suggesting you go splay yourself open to the masses. I am suggesting that you murmurate a bit. Find your flock no matter how small. Lean into the warmth and protection and direction that you may need to get through whatever it is that you need to get through. Life simply cannot be managed well alone. A lesson from the birds is a lesson for us.

I believe in us and the humility it takes to lean into one another.


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