Wonder Defined: A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

If I could give you a gift from my heart today it would undoubtedly be to restore “wonder” in who you are.  I would reach inside your mind, place a gentle hand around your heart and invite them both to a Wonder party. I would make sure there’s a stage and a microphone at this party. At just the right moment I would take the stage and grab the microphone and I would call you out by name. I’d state at first how remarkable it is that you are living out the meaning of your name. I’d call out all of the admirable things that your character possess’. I would say over you that you are something so beautiful that it’s nearly inexplicable. I would struggle to find the words to describe the true beauty of your smile, your laugh, and the way you tilt your head when you’re thinking about something deep and meaningful. I would start to talk about looking back down the corridor of your life and I’d name your achievements. I’d name the achievements because it would be a testament to how hard you fought even when it would’ve been easier to quit or give in. I’d openly recall the times you made people laugh. Your sense of humor is surprisingly elegant and dosed perfectly for who you are. I’d remark on the time you held a door for a stranger. So many people are unfamiliar with considering others. I’d describe that time you chose total kindness over complete anger. I’d talk about how much of an overcomer you are and how adversity meant to take you down, but again you were fierce in your commitment to yourself and others.  I’d make a comment about the times that you faced deep sadness, consuming darkness, tremendous loneliness and yet you still showed up for life. I’d talk about what a beautiful friend you are, what a heroic parent you are and how amazing you are at managing difficult relationships. I’d talk about how many fights you dispelled with your wisdom. I’d give you a blue ribbon for the number of loads of laundry done in your lifetime. And I’d call on the crowd for a standing ovation for you. The entire you.

If we had a party and I had a microphone I’d say with all the confidence I could ever muster in my voice that: You are a WONDER. A sight to behold. An unexpected surprise that this planet and all the people in it needed for such a time as this. I’d say you are an inexplicable gift to the people in your life and your worth far exceeds conventional words.

Let that sink in for just a minute as if it were a real occurrence. Quiet your mind, exercise a touch of belief, and sit for a minute in wonder of who you have become.




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