Hero Status

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”

Sometimes we wonder deeply if this is true. So many of us face struggles that course through our being head to toe and cause a wrestle within us. That wrestle takes every ounce of strength that we can muster to play the part of the victor. How is it that we can face so many beautiful moments in this life when all the while there are struggles and deep dark memories sitting on the couch right next to them? That reality can be so very overwhelming and we want to throw our hands up, buckle to our knees and sometimes just say, “take me now Lord”.

If I could take a minute I just want to talk about how strong you are. I want to mention that you are an overcomer. I want to scream from the rooftops that you are so very freaking amazing.

You have faced the depths and you have managed to surface with a story to tell. You have been taken down to outright pain and you somehow found your healing… though the wound remains tender to the touch. You have faced gut wrenching, soul ripping circumstances and yet you press onward. You’ve self inflicted pain and you’ve been the recipient of life’s slaughter. And yet you’ve risen. Today. You are here. You are breathing. You are trying. You are beginning again and pressing onward and you, my friend are a beautiful thing.

Beginning again is NO small deal. Some people give in completely to the pain of this life. They call it quits. They press pause on their forward momentum and they numb. They numb to the next, best step forward because it seems more than they can bear. I do think there are times worthy of a pause. There are times we just need to sit in the moment, gather our strength, and plot our way forward. But, we cannot stay there. We totally have to stand up when the time is right, put on our cloak of strength and begin again to fight through the darkness. We have to thaw the numb and decide we are worth fighting for. We have to decide that our life is valuable and worth living and press through the pause of it all.

You, and that one, small step at a time forward – that’s what we call HERO STATUS. If I could be so bold, I’d look at the story of your life. I’d listen to your loss and I’d pay close attention to your deep sadness. I’d honor the places you have been and where you’ve come to. I’d tell you with every ounce of confidence in me that you are the HERO in your own story. You are the guy worthy of the purple heart and you are the one worthy of the crown. You are doing a really astounding job. You are pressing through more than most could ever handle at one time. You found some gold mine of strength inside of you. You picked up a shovel and you began heeping that strength on the fire of your story.

There are so many people that come to mind as I write this post…. myself included. A friend of mine sent me a picture of the quote at the beginning of this rant and it stirred something deep inside my heart. It stirred a mission in me to remind you today that you are so very strong, and beautiful, and broken, and healing, and wise, and more…. so much more. You aren’t the sum of your failures. Not even for a second. Nor are you the sum of the darkness that you’ve faced. You are a beautiful, blazing fire on a hill that is lighting the way for all who see you.

It bears repeating:

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”


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