A Letter to my Girls

Dear Daughters-

You are Sacred. You are beautiful, creative, wise and I am better for having welcomed you into my heart and home. I love how you are unique and strong in what you like…. and don’t like. I am curious though how I made a child that DOESN’T like mac and cheese. Something got screwed up there. Nevertheless…

There are a few things in this life that will try and reach the sacred center of who you are. Sacred defined is something regarded with great respect and reverence. You are a treasure to this world. You are a light in a dark place, a bringer of good news. There will be trials and struggles and so many different things you’ll face in this one beautiful life. Society will try and tell you what beauty is. If you choose to never listen to your mother please afford me with this one hall pass and hear this: Beauty is exactly who you are inside and out. A lot of people think beauty is what we see on the outside. But, I want you to know that beauty is your curious mind. Beauty is your infectious laugh. Beauty is being who you are and standing strong in your convictions. Beauty is not the size of your body or what car you drive or whether you wear a two piece or a one piece. Beauty is YOU- way deep down inside. Take care of your beauty. Take great care. Protect it with all your might. Beauty is listening to another when they’re hurting. Beauty is holding open a door for a stranger. Beauty is visiting with a friend five minutes longer than you have as they share in their life story. Beauty is waiting patiently for what you want and need. Beauty is knowing your voice and using it. Beauty is being strong enough to be gentle enough when the time calls for it. Beauty is helping a friend or loved one. Beauty is so much more than the makeup you wear or the clothes you own or the size of your body. Beauty is something cultivated deep in your spirit. It is cultivated by knowing Who made you and aiming to represent your personality to the fullest. Beauty is recognizing the hurting and jumping to the chance to be there for them to whatever capacity you can. Beauty is bringing a meal to someone. Beauty is paying for the coffee for the guy in line behind you. Beauty is kindness in all its forms.

In order to be beautiful…. all you have to do is be you. It doesn’t matter what the guy next to you does. Beauty is standing strong in your own right. Beauty is treating others like they matter every day of the week. Beauty is choosing kindness when anger arises. Beauty is choosing to give even when you only have just enough for yourself. Beauty is lending a helping hand, a kind word, and a deed done in secret. Beauty is knowing that no matter the level of recognition you can give and serve and pour yourself out to overflowing. Beauty is bold. Beauty is epic. Beauty that comes from deep down inside is what will change this world. You were born for a time such as this. Be strong. Be noble. Know your voice. Share yourself with the people in your life. Be brave. Take the risks. Speak up. Give. Honor others to a fault.

You are a sacred treasure to this world. Sacred. Don’t let anyone encroach on your worth. You can screw up and miss the mark one thousand times. But, please, precious one, commit to begin again no matter what. You can begin again and again and again and still be quite stunning. You are not disqualified by failure. You are made stronger because of it. I promise.

I leave you with this: Beauty is not skin deep, it’s spirit deep. Guard the fire within you like it matters. Because you matter. In every way.

Love- Mom

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